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The Influence of Devolution on Health Provision in Informal Settlements, Case Study of Kibera Slum, Nairobi County, Kenya. | Original Article

Joshua O. Miluwi*, in Career International Journal of Social Sciences and Law | Social Science


The influence of Devolution in the provision of Health Services to Kenyan Communities and its application as a strategy of development is critical in ensuring efficiency in service delivery and hence improvement of the quality of life. However, the delivery of effective services and prudent management of resources is a major challenge, in the provision of health services in Kibera Informal Settlement. The overall objective is to examine the influence of Devolution in the distribution of health services in Kibera informal settlements. The specific objectives include ascertaining the influence of devolution on the provision of health services, to determine how devolution has changed the health sector and to establish the challenges facing the process. The research to interviewed 120 respondents. The questionnaire and interview schedules and the research instruments were e applied in the collection of data, the research tools was pre-tested and field assistants trained to ensure credible and reliable data. The research design was a case study, which was descriptive in nature to provide deeper, richer and more data in Kibera sub-county, Nairobi. For this study, the researcher used the questionnaire an interview schedule as data collection tools, purposive, stratified and systematic random sampling methodologies to sample the study population. The statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) was used for data analysis and presentation. The study finding was provided to the policy makers, benefit scholars who may want this data for their future research.