Welcome to CCB | Career College Bhopal Journals

Welcome to Career College Bhopal Journals (CCB).


Career College Bhopal has a vision & focus on promoting research driven skill based education and developing research culture among students, scholars and faculty in Career College and also other institutions. To convert this focus in to practice, many initiatives have been taken. One of such important initiatives is to publish in house Journals.

 Following two journals are being published currently:-

1. Career International Journal of Science and Technology - A six monthly bilingual (Hindi & English) in house journal on Science and Technical disciplines (March & September every year starting from March 2018)

2. Career International Journal of Social Science and Law – A six monthly bilingual (Hindi & English) in house journal on social Science, Law and other non technical disciplines (March & September every year starting from March 2018)

The above journals are being published on no profit basis from the funds of the Career College Bhopal.

Objectives of Publication 

(a)       To create a potent platform to publish quality research work, innovations, ideas experiments and reviews/analysis in the field of Science ,Technology, Commerce, Law, Arts, Education, Sociology and Humanities. 
(b)       To promote research driven advancement of knowledge and building research driven culture in Career College Bhopal and other institutes and in turn improve quality of education in general and quality of research in particular.
(c)       To provide opportunity and spaceto research scholars, budding professionals, students, industry people andfaculty to hone their writing and research talent.
(d)       To enrich and enhance knowledge base, to improve research process and to develop analytical approach researchers and ensure quality articles in the journal.
(e)       To build up research resources and facilities in the university.
(f)        To encourage researchers to domeaningful research with social cause for making it inclusive in broad sensefor the society.  

Scope of Publication

(a)       Publication of Research papers, Articles, Brief Communication, Communication Arising, Technical Reports, Analysis, Experiment Results, Resources, Reviews, Perspective, Progress Articles and In sight Articles covering all the disciplines.
(c)       Establishing high quality peer review services and guidance to improve quality of research and research writings.
(d)       To bring new researchers and industry people on one plate form for meaningful exchange.
(e)       To cover research from lab toland and institute to society.