Publication Policy |

Publication Policy

  1. The journal shall contain scholarly research and review articles on Science, Technology, Social Science, Law and Management subjects.
  2. The publications primary target authors are Researchers, Faculty Members, Students, Scientists and Industry/Corporate Members.
  3. The journal will be published in Print as well as in e-version (online).
  4. The articles will be subjected to plagiarism check before peer review. If plagiarism is more than 25 percent it will be out right rejected.
  5. The remarks of Reviewers will be examined in confidence by Editorial Board. The decision of Editorial Board will be binding & final.
  6. The full text of all the articles will be available online and can be accessed.
  7. Articles of original research work will only be published.
  8. Format for publication will be as per the format and guidelines provided to authors.
  9. Expenses on printing and maintenance of website will be borne by the Career College Bhopal.
  10. The journal is being published not for any profit making but to promote meaningful research.

Publication willfollow a check sequence as per following deadlines.

The journals will be published twice in a year i.e. last weekof March and last week of September.


March Issue

September Issue

Last date of Receipt  of Papers

Up to 1 January

Up to 1 July


Suggestions to Authors

after Peer Review

30 January

30 July

Information for Acceptance to Author

20 February

20 August


March Last Week

September Last Week