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License : Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) Start Year : Mar, 2018
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DOI : 10.29070/CIJSSL Volume Frequency : Bi-Annual
Peer Reviewed : Yes , Country : India Special Edition : 0
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Dr. P.N. Tiwari

Principal Career College Bhopal.

Next Issue Date : Sep, 2018

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Internationally indexed,peer reviewed and referred Bi-annual journal

Moving Towards Cashless Economy | Original Article

Volume: 1/ Issue: 1 , 01 Jul 2018, Pages: 19-23 (5)
Shruti Shakergayen* Rahul Nayak

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Issues to Investigate Under Digital World | Original Article

Volume: 1/ Issue: 1 , 01 Jul 2018, Pages: 41-44 (4)
Sonam Jain Bajpai*

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Shri. Vishnu Rajoriya

Founder Chairman, Career Society, Bhopal


Mr. Manish Rajoria

Vice President, Career Group of Institutions


Dr. P.N. Tiwari

Principal, Career College, Bhopal

Editorial Board Members

Dr. Daniel Behailu Gebreamanuel

Prof. Hawasha University, Ethiopia

Dr. Pradeep Sharma

Associate Professor, School of Law, Hawasha

University, Ethiopia

Dr. Amit Chaturvedi

Regional Director,

IGNOU, Bhopal-M.P. India

Dr. Ashish Deshpande

Professor and Head,

NITTTR, Bhopal- M.P. India

Dr. Krishn Kumar Navaldi

Professor (Retd.), Business Communication,

IIFM,Bhopal- M.P. India

Dr. Mahipal Singh Yadav

Prof. Department of Economics,

Institute for Excellence in Higher Education,

Bhopal - M.P. India

Dr. Sharda Gangwar

Associate Professor,

Institute for Excellence in Higher Education,

Bhopal- M.P. India

Dr. Rajiv Jain

Associate Professor, Career College of Law

Bhopal- M.P. India

Dr. Neetu Sharma

Associate Professor,Career College,

Bhopal- M.P. India

Dr. Anita Bhadoriya

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Hindi,

Career College Bhopal- M.P. India

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