Career College is accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore. We are having nine huge multistoried buildings on a sprawling 4 acre lush green campus. Along with huge computerized Library admeasuring 9,000 Sq. Ft. comprising of more than 25,000 text books, Reference books, Journals and Encyclopedia with reading capacity of more than 100 students at a time. In addition, secluded chambers for Research scholars are available. The only College having facilities of Personality Assessment & Development Centre (PADC), Computerized Attendance Monitoring System (CAMS) and Mock Exams. Students Satisfaction Research Unit (SSRU) constantly undertakes surveys and feedback of the students so as to improve the performance. We Provide Numerous career oriented courses to choose from Computers, Commerce, Management, Paramedical, Physiotherapy, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Education, Biochemistry, Chemistry,  Botany, Physical Education, Library Science etc.

Chairman's Message

   Dear Learned Readers!
We are extremely pleased to understand that Career College Bhopal, Career College of Law and Career College & School of Nursing are jointly launching the two journals; Career International journal of Science and Technology (CIJST) and Career International journal of Social Science and Law (CIJSL). In the modern higher education system there have been immense scope to nurture a scholarly journal having contributions of neo researchers which are recent, bonafide, genuine and throwing lights on contemporary issues.

Globally, the guidelines make it mandatory for scholars and academicians in higher education and professionals to pursue quality meaningful research as the output of research has astounding effects on the society as a whole..... view more

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Owner Name : Printing Partner ,India
Name of Issuing/ Publishing body : Career Society
E-mail : editor@careercollegeindia.com
Mobile : 9826320208
Address : 210 EI Camino Real #852 Santa Clara, CA 95050, USA

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Volume : 3 | Issue : 6
Latest Volume : Sep , 2020
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Description : Internationally Indexed,Peer Reviewed and Referred Bi-Annual Journal .......Read More
Editor-in-Chief : Dr. Charanjit Kaur