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A review on diversity in India: A Geneticist view based on microsatellite DNA technique | Original Article

Anshumala Chaturvedi*, in Career International Journal of Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The rich heritage of India (ethnic, cultural and linguistic as well) is always a centre of attraction for the scholars from around the world. Geneticists and anthropologists have shown tremendous interest in the study of diversity of the country from genetic prospective. A long history of continuous waves of migration and formation of deep seated caste system (leads to practice of strict endogamymarriage rules) made every population a unique, isolated and important group. Many evolutionary factors such as systemic (mutation, selection, migration and admixture) and non-systematic (size, density, distribution of population and marriage rules) affect population structure, diversity (important source of variation) and equilibrium. Effect of these systematic and nonsystematic forces varies with geographical region and the population groups residing in the area. A comprehensive review of genetic diversity in India based on microsatellite DNA technique had been done and presented here.