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The Gandhian Approach towards Indian Economy | Original Article

Rakhi Saxena*, in Career International Journal of Social Sciences and Law | Social Science


Gandhi was the great philosopher of India who had played major role in the national movement that defeated the British colonialism in India. He occupied with non-participation, peacefulness and serene battle against British guideline. Nonetheless, he was not financial analyst but rather he has given monetary vision, whenever executed, it would have eased India from numerous financial issues. He generally stressed on the little scale enterprises and furthermore embraced the guideline of Swadeshi. It avoids monetary reliance on outside market powers that could make the town network feeble. He empowered cabin and town ventures to improve the financial state of the nation. By the support of Mahatma Gandhi little scale exchanging of unadulterated Indian items began and step by step little scale business changed into ventures. New enormous scale and outside enterprises with concentrated automation are accompanying continuous procedure of globalization which is primarily in charge of numerous financial issues. Therefore, the main focus of this paper is to present the Gandhian approach towards Indian economy.