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A Detailed Study on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and the Production Consumption Pattern | Original Article

Namrata Ganguly*, Priyanka Kurup, in Career International Journal of Social Sciences and Law | Social Science


Exponential growth of industries and globalization has led to the growth of multinationals those are main reason of environmental damage in different ways. Consumption of resources in ethical manner is becoming important for consumers as well as corporate across the world. Therefore a responsible behavior is required from all stakeholders to protect the environment. Indian society always regulated by long-term practices to protect society as well as the environment. Indians since ancient time believe in resource preservation and need base consumption. Changing economic condition and improvement in income level resulted into a remarkable shift in the consumption behavior of Indian middle class. Government and social organizations are trying to educate organizations about sustainable consumption. This paper aims to study the challenges of sustainable consumption in India. An integrated approach with participation of various stakeholders is essential to adopt the sustainable consumption practices.