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A Literature Review: Analytics on Social Media Data through Big Data | Original Article

Karunanidhi Pandagre*, in Career International Journal of Science and Technology | Science & Technology


However, the internet has grown in breadth in recent years as a result of the emergence of social media. The media, which are supported communication strategies and accessible to anybody or everyone, promote social engagement via the internet. There are several social networks, with over 900 social media sites available on the internet. A daily variation of 58 million tweets. Massive data is the limit of an organization's flexibility in terms of storing, processing, and accessing all of the information it requires to function effectively, make decisions, reduce risks, and service a variety of clients in a short amount of time. The primary goal of this research is to identify various strategies for analysing enormous amounts of social media data. These tactics are unique in that they can assist in disclosing the competition's marketing strategy, as well as their content, audience, and messages.