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Privacy and Security Challenges in Big Data Scenario | Original Article

Karuna Nidhi Pandagre*, Apoorva J. Sharma, in Career International Journal of Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Big data refers to extremely big data sets with a more complicated and diversified structure. These features are frequently associated with additional challenges in storing, analysing, and applying additional procedures, as well as retrieving results. The term big data analytics refers to the technique of analysing large amounts of complicated data in order to uncover hidden patterns or uncover secrets correlations. However, there is a clear inconsistency between big data's security and privacy and its ubiquitous use. This paper examines privacy and security issues in big data, distinguishing between privacy and security, and discussing privacy requirements in big data. At various stages, multiple privacy-preserving mechanisms have been created for privacy protection. (for-instance, data generation, storage, and processing) of a large data life cycle.