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Application of Agnihotra Ash to Adsorb CuSO4 Fungicide (Fruits) and Detection through Paptode: A Report | Original Article

Varsha Vishwakarma, Ruchi Dubey Sharma*, Suparna Ghosh, Anita K., Anita Singh, Ulrich Berk, in Career International Journal of Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Heavy Metals are responsible for dreaded diseases but on the other hand are an important constituent of many industrial outputs. Their widespread usage in industrial applications and then contamination of environmental samples through discharged effluent is a serious problem to be addressed. It has been observed that even fruits and vegetables are found to have presence of heavy metal like copper and its compound as these are widely used as fungicide. Thus, there are chances to be consumed. In lieu of this problem, we designed a probe for software assisted determination of CuSO4 fungicide and then applied it for sensing before and after treatment with Agnihotra ash which was proved antifungal, anti-bacterial and is reported.