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Trends in spectral parameters and nephelauxwetic ratio values for some lanthanoid (III) tryptophan complexes | Original Article

Rashmi Singhai*, in Career International Journal of Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Electronic spectral studies [Ln(III).L] complexes, where Ln = Pr, Nd and Er with tryptophan (try) have been undertaken with a view to evaluate the oscillator strength (fJO) , Judd-Ofelt parameters (τλ), interelectronic repulsion Racah parameters (δEk) and nephelauxetic ratio (δE3δE1). Studies have been performed at five different pH values to examine the pH dependence of the spectral parameters. The metal –ligand bonding pattern has been studied in the light of changes in τλ and nephelauxetic ratio values. The [Ln(III).try] interaction shows a drift from ionic to partial covalent nature.