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Knowledge about Hepatocellular Cancer among Alcohol Consumers – A Survey | Original Article

Shamsher S Kalra*, in Career International Journal of Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Consumption of alcohol is on the rise in India. Chronic alcohol use of greater than 80 gday for more than 10 years increases the risk for Hepatocellular cancer approximately five times. This study is aimed at assessing alcohol consumption behaviour and knowledge of subject about relationship of alcohol to Hepatocellular cancer. There is a scarcity of data on the knowledge of Hepatocellular cancer and its risk factors in the central Indian population. This purpose of this study is to generate data that would help in formulating further health education policies and activities. Hundred alcohol consumers were surveyed, using a pre-validated questionnaire, regarding their alcohol consumption habits and knowledge of hepatocellular carcinoma. Responses were entered on MS excel and results were analyzed using Epi-Info ver. 7.0.It was found that majority of the subjects quit drinking on their own but could not sustain it for long. Majority of subjects did not like people advising them to quit drinking. It was also found that the people who consumed more alcohol had more associated incidence of smoking and episode of hepatitis but lesser number of them were vaccinated for hepatitis B. They also showed more incidences of having features of hepatic disturbances. There is a massive need and scope in the public health system of India for health education and awareness programs focused towards motivation for quitting alcohol so as to prevent hepatic cancers. Awareness too must be created towards prevention and screening for cancers of liver.