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Zeolite: Specific Selectors for Ammonium ion in soil | Original Article

Anita K*, Suparna Ghosh, Shweta Sharma, Anita Singh, Ruchi Dubey Sharma, in Career International Journal of Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Nitrogen management of soil is very complex because microorganisms change what we apply to soil into another form. These changes in turn cause loss of nitrogen content which in turn result to considerable yield reduction. The use of nano-porous zeolites as urease absorbers is quite significant in this context. Zeolites are non-swelling porous aluminous tectosilicate minerals that have large cation exchange capacity (CEC) and good water holding capacity. This fact is confirmed by our study. Zeolites due to their specific affinity for ammonium ions can take up the specific cation from farm yard manure or compost or ammonium bearing fertilizers and thereby reducing loss of nitrogen from soil.As a result of zeolite usage to soil, urease activity reduces and thus zeolites can help in minimizing loss of nitrogen.