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Issues to Investigate under Digital World | Original Article

Sonam Jain Bajpai*, in Career International Journal of Social Sciences and Law | Social Science


Innovation has both encouraged and obstructed the examination of wrongdoing, especially violations including registering and correspondences advancements or what is depicted as cyber crime. From one viewpoint, PCs have empowered tremendous measures of information to be sought and analysed rapidly and allowed archives and documents to be examined and transmitted over the globe in seconds. Then again, the sheer amount of data makes impressive issues for agents who here and there need to look at gigabytes of information and break encryption codes before the material they are keen on can be found. This paper recognizes various hindrances to the powerful examination of cyber crime, and offers a few arrangements that could be utilized to streamline future examinations in the internet. The term computer crime and cyber crime are regularly utilized reciprocally however computer crime is a term of more extensive import and incorporates even digital violations, even the Information Technology Act, 2000 manages PC wrongdoings as opposed to managing just with digital violations. In an adversarial system the procedure of examination conveys a great deal of significance. Computer crime examination is the way toward gathering, dissecting, and examination of computerized proof and digital trails.