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Covid-19 and Its Impact on Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in India: A Case Study | Original Article

Deepika Shrivastava*, in Career International Journal of Social Sciences and Law | Social Science


CSR is an expansive idea that can take numerous structures, contingent upon an organization and its industry. Through CSR projects, altruism and volunteer endeavors, companies can profit the general public while advancing their labor and products. CSR has become a typical practice in companies. CSR is similarly significant for an organization and local area. CSR exercises can assist with fashioning a solid connection among workers and companies support confidence and help the two representatives and businesses feel more associated with their general surroundings. The reason for this examination is to investigate the different definitions and depictions of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) expounding upon the extent of corporate social obligation in India by considering the organization of CSR works on during the time of Covid - 19.