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Study of Reducing Power Assay and Total Phenolic Content of Barleria Prionitis | Original Article

Ms. Shanta Belani*, Charanjit Kaur, in Career International Journal of Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Phytochemical analysis of plant products took a distinct place in organic chemistry as well as plant biochemistry in recent years. One of the challenges of photochemistry is to carry out all the above operations on vanishingly small amounts of material. Frequently, the solution of a biological problem in, say, plant growth regulation, in the biochemistry of plant-animal interactions, or in understanding the origin of fossil plants depends on identifying a range of complex chemical structures which may only be available for study in microgram amounts. The present study investigates the total phenolic content and reducing power assay of different plant extracts that is ethanol, chloroform, and petroleum ether. In the present work we have been trying to establish the antioxidant measures of the said plant, which can be helpful in establishing its therapeutic values. Three solvent extraction system i.e. ethanol, ether and chloroform were used for this study.